Tent Camping

It’s dusty.

Camper/RV Camping

It’s less dusty. Painter’s Tape is your friend! Use it to line your camper windows inside and out. Will help reduce the dusty bed. The fan/vent in your bathroom. if you plan to open it while you are out there, don’t forget to close it, if you forget you will have a small desert toilet.


Seems like most of us in camp end up meal sharing. Some big hits on the playa are fruit, and pretty much anything frozen (popsicles, fruit cups, snow cones, margaritas, smoothies. Some of the best things I ate out there, (aside from taco night in camp,) was cantaloup, honeydew, pineapple, grapes. Your pallet will scream with delight if you have the fruits or other cool things.

One year Lisa made us an unexpected salad: honeydew, cilantro, and jalapeño. It was amazing.

BYOU/P/C – This is a BIG one. Bring Your Own Utensils, Plates, Cups. No one plans to bring in single use cups/flatware. In fact, carry these with you at all times. You will often pop in to a camp who is offering a cold beverage but they will not have a cup for you. We ran across bacon, grilled cheese offered at another camp, and it was heavenly. Pack your own reusable napkins, flatware, etc. Keep it on you at all times.

Bicycle and a Basket – Most everyone gets around by bike, or if you are lucky enough to catch a ride on an art car then definitely do so. It is a blast. It’s a good idea to have some kind of storage built onto your bike. This way you can have a day out away from camp and take your necessities with you.

Bike/Body Illumination! Lights -and more lights, necklaces. Having a well lit bike and your actual body as well is SO IMPORTANT. We would often venture out together. Anyoen in camp who wants to join in with anyone, shoudl definitely do so! We are all a family in this camp and we welcome you to be a part of it.

Personal Care

Chapstick. Mentholatum was my best friend! Keep lip care with you at all times. My other best friend, personal bath wipes – the kind large enough to use 1 for most of your body. You can find these usually in the pharmacy section of the store near where they sell walkers, and other medical care equipment. If you can’t get those then I suggest some cucumber-aloe baby wipes. So refreshing.

TP. Keep a roll or a backup supply of wiping tissue with you. While there are portable potties (aka toilet sauna) out there, they are not always stocked with wiping tissue.

Bandana/Hair Wraps. I used scarves as a hair wrap out there. You would not believe how much dust can adhere to your hair.

Hats. Get one that can tie to your body y, it gets windy!

Sunglasses, goggles, dust mask/bandana and a back up of each. I managed to lose mine last year.

Gloves. My hands were a wreck even though I washed them often and sanitized them often in addition to aquaphor at night time. Gloves are awesome to have for your hands since you will likely be bike riding a lot

First Aid Kits. Make sure you have all your din case of emergency medications, wound wash, bandages, casting supplies (kiddin), and all other first aid kit type items.

Foot Care. I take a spray bottle and mix water 50/50 with vinegar. I use this every night to spray my feet, arms, leg, etc. This will neutralize the dust damage. Socks are a really good idea. I know, it’s hot and who wants to wear socks? Your tootsies want them, they need them. Or wash your feet regularly.