Coming Home

Welcome Home Camp-Mates! Artech Camp is an art support camp. 2020 location TBD. 


Don’t forget your tickets! If you plan to arrive early, you NEED an EAP (early arrival pass) and this is in addition to your general admission ticket. If you don’t know if you have one of these, chances are you do not have one.

Gate (Community Access)

Like the cities of old, Black Rock City is secured by a perimeter fence, and participants enter through a gate. You must have a ticket to enter Black Rock City. The Gate opens in early August for pre-event traffic (only people with early entry passes are allowed in prior to the first day of the event), then opens for all participants at 12:01 am on the Sunday prior to the Man Burn, and is open 24 hours a day throughout the event.


WHITEBOARD! – Look for the whiteboard in the shared space at camp. Your up to date placement map will be there and a smaller whiteboard will be there for daily happenings. Daily happenings like; meal invitations, burns, gatherings, that we/YOU hear about, lets share on the daily. Check in, share with us the things you are doing and maybe we can do some things together.

Additionally…. Wondering how YOU can participate in the camp and contribute?

  • Read the Survival Guide. ALL of it.
  • Be Prepared.  Understand the 10 Principals of Burning Man. Link Here.
  • Bring everything in that YOU need and pack it ALL out. More here. There are no trash receptacles anywhere on the playa.
  • Personal Survival Check List Link Here
  • No Bathrooms IN our camp but we are close to the porta-potty hall of shame. You may want to bring an extra roll of paper just in case. More self-reliance.
  • We are not offering any communal camp multi-use areas.  For example, no shared kitchens, no sinks, etc.
  • We need to work together to gather collective resources to create our center camp hangout area with a shade structure.
  • You bring it in, you secure it down. We are not responsible for your equipment, gear, etc. YOU are on the hook for all of that too!
  • Meals: Anyone interested in hosting a group meal, please let me know so I can post it here.

Survival Guide

For all things survival on the playa please see this guide… LINK HERE  No really, READ IT ALL.

Please note: Radical Self Reliance is all on YOU. We do not offer any services, water, RV servicing, etc. We are not a concierge camp. We simply offer real estate and invite you to camp with us.